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So Many Options for Baby Shoes

I've been going through a lot of old items in anticipation of a yard sale come spring time. Things that I should have parted with before we made a cross-country move, but that I simply couldn't let go. One of my main weaknesses seems to have been baby shoes . What is it about baby shoes? Maybe it's their size or cute little designs that we could never get away with in our own adult footwear. Or maybe it's the memory of the little feet that once wore those shoes. For me, it's obviously the latter. When my children were learning how to walk, Robeez were the shoe of choice. They were always adorable, and their simple style allowed the little feet to learn to walk with full protection and mild support (which is actually quite important for new walkers). I was so happy to see that Robeez are still on this list from Shoe Reviewed* for 10 Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk . Of course, there are a lot more options for baby shoes now than even five years ago when