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Grace and God Winks

Life these days moves pretty quickly. For those who aren't looking for Him, it might seem like God isn't around anymore. It's hard to see Him in the troubles that this life brings. But He remains. He is always listening, and He is always interjecting in our lives in ways that sometimes we understand and sometimes we don't. But He is there. Seek Him.  A "God-wink" is an instance in which God had his loving hand in a moment that is so obvious that it takes our breath away. That's my definition, anyways. If you're paying close attention, you will notice these God-winks in your life. Here's one of mine.  The day that I found out that I was pregnant with my third child was not a good day. We had been traveling in Michigan for an entire week and on top of trying to divide our time amongst both sides of the family, and traveling with two toddlers who didn't like sleeping away from home, I was having these very strange hot flashes and moments of dizzin