He Built Me a Table

When my husband and I were in our "early years," we had no shortage of romance in our relationship. We were living in New York City, and we literally had nothing. But yet, we had everything.

The entire world was new to us, and we were so in love. NYC can be an extraordinarily romantic place. Exploring its treasures was exciting, and when we did spend our money, we went big. A helicopter ride over the city. A day long excursion touring the wineries of Long Island. Dinner and a Broadway show. It was all so romantic.

And yet, that is not what romance is. 

In the last six years, I have moved across county. I have bought a house, sold a house, and bought another house. I have grown three children from scratch and birthed them. I have lost a grandfather and my cat. And yet, somehow my life has still been full of romance. 

No, my husband is not constantly wining and dining me, bringing me flowers and chocolates and writing me little love notes. Sometimes, he does, but I have learned over the years that romance is so much more than that. 

One of the most romantic things that my husband has ever done for me was to build me a simple table. 

Almost two years ago now, we moved into a colonial house in the suburbs. A true southern charm, with a gorgeous dining room. Something we had never had before. 

Ken asked me what I wanted to do with the room, and I told him my fantasy about having a large farm house table, with mismatched chairs and enough room to fit our whole family. Something that we could keep forever. Something classic, but not too fancy. Something that would never go out of style. 

Obviously, I was asking a lot. Shopping trips were made, to Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. The going rate for farmhouse tables these days is about $3,000. Yikes!

Sidenote: In our house we (I) measure money by Disney trips. Therefore, 1x Farmhouse Table = 1 Disney Trip. 

I basically resigned to the fact that it just wasn't the right time for us to have this imagined dining room. When given the choice between pretty much anything and Disney, I have a tendency to always choose Disney. We were not even planning a trip for the foreseeable future, but I just couldn't fathom spending as much on a table as I would a family vacation. I mean, especially with small children (ie the reason we cannot have nice things... have you seen my couch? I would post a picture here but my husband might die of embarrassment.)

Anyways. One night he brought it up. "I could probably build you a table."

The not so romantic follow up was, "If it turns out like crap we can always use it as a picnic table."

I was skeptical at first. "Yah... OK honey." I'm not sure if that made Ken even more determined or not, but darn it... he said he was going to build me a table and he did!!

Over the course of the next few weeks, Ken spent an endless amount of time on the Ana White website. Trips were made to Home Depot for tools and wood. Research was done on finish. And over the next few months, my husband built me the farmhouse table of my dreams. Literally. I love it. And every time I look at it I think of all the time and love that he put into building it for me. It is perfect. It is better than any purchase we could have made, and I will appreciate it more because it came from his own two hands.

Romantic. The fact that Ken put many (frustrating) hours into measuring, leveling, sanding, patching, and staining into making something that I so longed for just lights up my heart. He learned a new trade, he literally built on our relationship.

I think that a lot of people jump into relationships with the idea that romance is an endless ride of flowers and special outings forever and ever. It's not. At some point, life will change. It's part of the human condition. A job will be lost, or a baby will come along, or a relocation will occur. But love can grow. It is in the little, every day things that romance is hidden in pockets. If we learn to appreciate that, if we learn to see the effort put in by others, beautiful things can happen.

I love my table. And Ken, I love you!!!

PS... Many people have asked if Ken will build their next table. He might be open to it, but you can't have this one at any cost. Literally. He built it inside the dining room. I don't think it will fit through the doors.

PPS... Did I mention I finally have somewhere to fold the laundry???

Dedicated to Ken. May our table bring great gatherings over the next many years, full of love, life, and laughter. 


  1. I love your table, and I love your attitude towards romance and marriage even more. <3



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