Why Internet Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Moms

It's no secret - today's moms are busier than ever. Mostly by our own doing (ahem - signing our kids up for countless activities and groups, volunteering over and over again and somehow always forgetting how to use the word "no" somewhere along the ways). That's why if you're looking to market to today's mom, Internet marketing is the only way to go.

"But why?" you might ask.

Mail advertising just doesn't work. Who has time to read their mail these days? We receive so much junk mail that I inevitably let it pile up on my kitchen counter until the stack is falling over, at which point I dig out the bills that need to be paid and throw the rest into the recycling bin.

Commercials are becoming nonexistent. Every once in awhile my mom will ask me if I've seen a commercial that she thought was interesting or funny, but my answer is always the same: nope. Any television I get to watch these days (not including the many hours of Nick Jr. that go on at our house) is prerecorded onto my DVR. If and when I get to watch my shows, I don't waste anytime watching commercials. Fast forward. How did we ever live without this feature?

Billboards? I barely have time to look at the road! When I first learned how to drive I told myself that I was going to tune-out billboards. They were a huge distraction, and 99% of the time didn't apply to me anyways. Now that I'm a mom I've got more distractions that I can't quite tune out, with the constant dropping of sippy cup or "mommy look! it's a snowman!" or the 5 Little Monkeys song blaring for the 8th time in a row. It takes every ounce of focus I have to keep my mind on the road.

Today's mom averages about 10 minutes to herself per day, if that. I'm talking 10 completely uninterrupted moments to exhale and do as she pleases. Any mom who has ever tried to use the restroom with little fingers reaching under the door and the constant chanting of "mommy, mommy, mommy" knows what I mean. Even as I type this now my two year old (who did not take a nap today) is clinging to my leg and whimpering.

So what does mom do in those 10 minutes? Most likely she jumps on the Internet to check her email and catch up with friends through various social networks. These activities help her to relax, and thus be more open to ads and new ideas. Thus, Internet marketing reaches today's mom! Internet ads seamlessly sew their way into the pages mom views, and this is your best shot at capturing her attention.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog  for an internet marketing company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are 100% my own.


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