Proof that 99% of Maternity Photos are Awful and Creeptastic

A few days ago I wrote a post about my puzzlement over the artsy, awkward, nudey maternity photos and what the heck we're supposed to do with those photos once their taken. Hang them over the family mantle?  The reception to the post, which you can read here, was mixed. Some people said that the photos are meant to show baby a time when mommy and baby were one in the same (which personally... I don't think a child will care about and once they reach the age of 10 or so this would probably just become mortifying... or good birth control for future years. You decide.)

I don't know. Maybe I'm just not comfortable enough in my own skin to make art and memories of these revealing and awkward shots. ;)

Since writing the piece I've come across this article on Babble that you must check out for a good laugh.

Pregnancy FAILS: 25 Horrible Pregnancy Portraits and Belly Shots


  1. Creepy!! I was cracking up at those....OMG! We had maternity pics taken but we were fully dressed and there were no guns involved :)


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