We LOVE California Baby Calendula Cream (for toddler AND mom!) {Review}

My daughter is a victim of eczema. As an infant the breakouts were always on her face, and it was just heartbreaking to look at:

Luckily the facial eczema cleared up around 6 months old, and it wasn't until AJ was about 18 months old that she started getting breakouts on her hands, wrists and inner elbows (which unfortunately she's inherited from both her dad and me).

We're still trying to determine what causes the flare-ups (I have my suspicions on tomato based products) but in the meantime, it's important for us to keep her skin as clear and comfortable as possible. The itchiness is sometimes so unbearable for her that she will rub her arms on her sides or another object, like a chair, literally until they bleed.

My own eczema isn't much better. Since becoming pregnant with baby number two my hands have been so much worse, and for the first time I'm even developing eczema on my face, especially around my lips - which is not only ugly but also painful!

I feel like we have tried everything, and the only thing that ever really helps is hydrocortizone cream. This is fine for once in awhile, but I really didn't feel comfortable using a medicated cream all the time, especially on my little one. I started looking online for an answer and I kept coming across reviews for California Baby Calendula Cream that just raved about how well it worked on eczema. Not only that, but it was a natural product from an eco-conscious company that didn't contain any petroleum or other pore clogging bases.

I picked up the 2oz. jar at Target, and saw right on the label, "recommended for eczema & other skin sensitivities." I think this is what sold me, a self-proclaimed healing message right there on the jar.

We went through the 2oz. Caledula Cream pretty quickly and I was back for more. In the last couple of weeks though, I've noticed that California Baby has changed their labels, and that now the Calendula Cream doesn't state anything about eczema at all. This puzzles me, because let me tell you, this product has changed the skin in our household. Wow!!

When we first purchased the Calendula Cream from California Baby, I was applying it to my daughter's dry spots (as well as my own) literally 4-6 times per day. After two or three days, I began to notice a huge difference as we both began to heal. I would say that our eczema is 95% completely healed. This is a truly magical product, and it's organic, natural ingredients make me feel great about using it on my toddler. Not to mention that it doesn't sting or irritate, it smells fantastic, and it rubs on super light and fluffy (not greasy like most creams).

Now that we are mostly healed from our eczema, I generally use the Calendula Cream in the morning and before bed. Throughout the day, after hand washing and during the dry feeling moments, we have started using California Baby Calendula Everyday Lotion. It smells and functions much like the cream, but we've found that it is lighter and tends to last a little longer for general lotion use.

Also, to stay consistent, we have started using the California Baby Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with California Baby or their vendors, other than an extremely satisfied consumer of their product. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and may differ from yours.


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