Surviving My Picky Eater

I have a very.picky.toddler. She would rather eat nothing than look at something new, let alone try something new. For awhile I let it drive me crazy. I begged, I pleaded, I lost sleep and cried on the inside over the lack of variety my little one was consuming.

And then I got over it.

I talked to our pediatrician and read several books and articles about the problem, and they all pretty much sent the same message:

It is the parent's job to provide a variety of healthy foods for a toddler to eat. It is the toddler's job to decide whether or not to eat said healthy foods and how much.

Such a short but very powerful statement. It's made some big changes in our house. No more special meals for AJ. Of course, this has more than once resulted in her eating nothing but strawberries or crackers for dinner. She has more options of course, but she has to make the decision to try new things.

We are making progress. Yesterday she licked a little bit of ketchup off of a chicken nugget before putting it back on her plate. Little victories! It just feels good to know that we're not in this boat alone.

If you have any suggestions for surviving a picky eater or can recommend any literature on the subject, please send them my way. I appreciate it!

Here are a couple of the books that have been saving my sanity recently:


  1. My sister has had some trouble with her two youngest kids in this area. With the first she would try so hard to force him to eat things he didn't want to eat. It ended badly for everyone! So with the baby it's become more of here's what you have if you don't want it to be it. The more lax she's become the more she wants to try those things out.

    With her oldest we got her to try some things by telling her they were other things. Like tilapia was chicken. She loved it! :) She now knows the difference, but maybe it's not good to lie to your kids ;)


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