My Hiatus

August 16th. The days of summer are winding down, and I've even heard rumors about some schools starting back this week. What's up with that?? I'm a firm believer of the American summer, being that I am the mommy and like to do fun things with the kids during their months of freedom from school. My husband is more of a believer of year-round school, with shorter, more frequent breaks to keep the kids' minds fresh. He's probably right. What do you do to keep your kids minds sharp in the summer? 

It's been no secret that I've been absent for most of the summer, but I assure you that it's for good reason. We're expecting our second child!! I am due January 25th, 2012 and AJ is so excited that she is going to be a big sister (from what she understands). The two kids will be about 26 months apart, which I think is a good spread. Hopefully they will grow up to be great friends. We'll be finding out the sex of the baby on September 12th (as long as she/he is cooperating!)

But wow - did that first trimester take it's toll on me!! When I was pregnant with AJ, my only pregnancy symptom (annoying one that is... I definitely knew I was pregnant) was being tired. This time around I was tired and sick for the first trimester. It wasn't pretty, and I feel like in that short 14 weeks my house fell apart piece by piece. I'm now starting to feel better in that area, but for the last week I have been battling a sinus infection. OI VEY! Nobody told me how brutal a sinus infection can be during pregnancy. I never have really had sinus headaches before, and after feeling like my head was going to explode for three days I started running a low fever, so I went to the med center. They put me on antibiotics, and here I am on day 7 feeling hardly any relief. Tylenol and saline nasal spray offer minor relief. Let's just hope I feel completely better soon so that Baby#2 doesn't have to be put through all of this!!

Also, please keep my grandfather in your prayers. About a year ago he was faced with pretty severe melanoma. Two months ago he went in for his routine scan where it was discovered that it spread to three different areas on his brain. He has been undergoing chemo and radiation on his head and was doing well until this past weekend when he was rushed to the hospital to find that his melanoma had spread rapidly to his stomach and intestines. He is now at home in hospice care. Please pray for peace for our family during this difficult time. We'd really appreciate it.

And stay tuned... there is plenty more to come from Holly at Nap Time!


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