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Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda {Book Review}

Here, Home, Hope is a fictional novel by author Kaira Rouda exploring the trials and changes that one suburban woman, Kelly Mills Johnson, faces in her thirty-ninth year. About the book: Kelly Mills Johnson becomes restless in her thirty-ninth year. An appetite for more forces her to take stock of her ordinary middle-American existence and her neighbors’ seemingly perfect lives. Her marriage to a successful attorney has settled into a comfortable routine, and being the mother of two adorable sons has been rewarding but exhausting. Meanwhile, Kelly’s own passions lie wasted. She eyes with envy the lives of her two best friends, Kathryn and Charlotte, both beautiful, successful businesswomen who seem to have it all. Kelly takes charge of her life, devising a midlife makeover plan.         Rouda's breakout novel is a fresh welcome to the average look at the mid-life crisis. Instead of telling a tale of "woe is me" and depicting a woman who abandons her own