You Can Fix It Yourself, Mama

The drippy faucet, the clogged shower drain, the humming garbage disposal, and the consistently running toilet. For decades, these are problems that have plagued stay-at-home-moms and housewives everywhere.

When I was still working full-time, the little problems around the house didn't really bother me all that much, mostly because I wasn't around all the time to notice them. But the stay-at-home mom gets irritated by the little things easily - we all know that! 

I knew it wasn't fair to ask my husband to fix things. In the little time he has at home (he works full-time and is also going to school for his MBA) he needs to be relaxing and enjoying time with his daughter. I also knew that we don't have the money to call out a handy-man every time that we have a little problem at home.  With a little research and a simple tool set, I decided that I could at least attempt to solve promblems for myself.

Enter YouTube. With a little help from handy-men and women all around the world, you can follow simple 3-5 minute video instructions and fix up all the little problems yourself. So far, I've fixed our garbage disposal, hard to flush toilet, and clogged shower drain. It takes a little bit of a tough stomach (but what mom doesn't have that) but if you can get past the "ew, gross" factor, you should try fixing it yourself before hiring help.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you try fixing things that could be dangerous (ie electrical wiring problems, moving extremely heavy objects, etc.) If you know that a job is too big for you, it's best to start out by acquiring the right kind of assistance to get the job done.


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