24 Hours of Progress: The 15th Hour

About 24 Hours of Progress:

So often, the only projects that get "done" around our homes is dinner (and no, takeout doesn't count) and the laundry. Out of necessity though. There are so many little nagging projects that linger for most of us. Yes, we can live with a little clutter here or there, but it sure feels good to get those little things out of the way!

Spring is a natural time of rebirth and shedding the layers that has descended upon our house over the winter. The Holly at Nap Time series 24 hours of Progress is designed of 72 household projects that will take on average about one hour to do. Pick one project each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work on from now until April 1st. By the end of the session, you will have made 24 Hours of Progress towards the home you deserve!

The Fifteenth Hour:

Although the majority of Spring Cleaning is based around revitalizing your sleepy house after a long winter, I find it also important to revitalize yourself. Now is the perfect time to dust off those running shoes and revisit your New Year's Resolutions (which I need to do myself!) By now you probably already realize that my blog is more about finding ways to motivate myself than to motivate my readers. *wink*

Dust Off Your Cookbooks: I envy the women (and men) who can pick up a few random ingredients at the supermarket and make a fantastic, creative meal for their families night after night. As creative as I am in some areas of my life, the kitchen is just not one of them. I prefer following a recipe to the T, and maybe after I've done it a couple dozen times, then just maybe I will make my own tweaks on it (how adventurous, I know...)

In the winter months especially, I find myself making the same warm comfort foods over and over again. Especially now that our toddler is eating "big people food" along with us and has a very limited palate. So for this challenge, I ask you to do one of two things:
          a) go to your cookbooks (or http://www.foodnetwork.com/) and try something completely new that you think your family will love, or
          b) take one of your favorite family dishes and recreate it in a new way! My family did this with pizza with my mom's famous (well, to me anyways) Pizza in a Bowl recipe.

Dust Off Your Exercise Equipment: I was at such a good place with my exercise routine until we went on vacation. I don't know about you, but once I take the smallest break from a project I have going like this, it's so hard to get motivated again.


That's really all there is to say about it. Exercising gives you more energy, and the more you do it, the more you are motivated to do it. So clear your folded laundry off of the treadmill, put on your tennis shoes and go for a walk, and check out that bike trail that your kids keep talking about.

Dust Off Your Calendar: So some of us are saying, "Well gee, Holly. I don't have time to try a new recipe or exercise. What do those things have to do with Spring Cleaning, anyways?" The point is, Spring Cleaning can be a real chore. It can be slightly less of a chore if you're feeling good about yourself. Trying something new or getting into a good habit (which I heard takes at least 21 days... ugh!) can boost your motivation to make your house the spotless place it should be.

I don't know where the saying comes from, but I'm sure you've heard it before. "If you think you don't have time for something, then stop watching TV."  After the kiddos are in bed, the laundry is done and the dishwasher is running, it's hard to think of anything to do but flop down in front of the television. I get that. It falls under the definition of being a parent, the right to flop TV-side. But if you really want to get something accomplished, the best way to find time is to stop watching TV.

Go through your schedule and see what you can do to buy yourself 30 minutes of time to do something that you want to do this week. You may not want to go back. ;)

I do have my favorite shows (The Office, Modern Family, and yes, I'm still sucked into The Secret Life of the American Teenager), but at some point I had to sit down and think about which shows were worth it for my to watch (ok, stop making fun of me... Secret Life IS that addicting!) I decided last fall to stop watching Grey's Anatomy. I was really into the plot of the show, but after some thought realized that I didn't like all the blood and guts (it's why I quit being a nursing major), there was way too much drama, and it left me almost always going to bed sad/angry for the characters involved. The fake characters. I didn't believe that I'd just be able to stop watching it without caring about what was going on in the plot, but it's an hour of my time that I now have back EVERY week. :)


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