24 Hours of Progress: the 12th Hour

I'm an hour behind on my progress here... mostly because I've got vacation on the brain. It's getting so close now. I never really anticipated being this excited about going to Disney World, but I'm like a toddler on Christmas morning. It's a wonderful feeling. :) With that being said, today's post is inspired by my friend Jen, and is all about indexing and getting organized.

About 24 Hours of Progress:

So often, the only projects that get "done" around our homes is dinner (and no, takeout doesn't count) and the laundry. Out of necessity though. There are so many little nagging projects that linger for most of us. Yes, we can live with a little clutter here or there, but it sure feels good to get those little things out of the way!

Spring is a natural time of rebirth and shedding the layers that has descended upon our house over the winter. The Holly at Nap Time series 24 hours of Progress is designed of 72 household projects that will take on average about one hour to do. Pick one project each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work on from now until April 1st. By the end of the session, you will have made 24 Hours of Progress towards the home you deserve!

The Twelfth Hour:
Travel Checklist: Every single time we go somewhere away from home I end up scrawling a list, usually on the back of an old receipt or something, making sure to write down all the things that we will need to pack. Prescriptions. Swim diapers. Phone charger. Toothpaste.
And almost as often I misplace the list and find myself rewriting it - trying to remember all that was on it.
Then it dawned on me... why not create a travel checklist and save it on the computer? It will be there everytime I look for it, and I can even change it to suit the type of trip (ie beach vs snow) that we'll be taking.
Sometimes I think I'm a genius, but if I were a genius, I would have thought of this idea sooner. ;)
Pantry Inventory: Last week while out to lunch, my friend Jen confessed that during her pregnancy she did some extreme nesting that involved not only reorganizing the spice cabinet, but making an index of all her spices so that she knew exactly what she had on hand. GENIUS! Take this concept and apply it to your pantry the same way. Six jars of peanut butter? You're probably set for awhile. No macaroni and cheese? Put it on your list!!
This task is really going to help my kitchen. Last I checked I had about 3 little bottles of vanilla extract open but still no cinnamon.
Mail Sorter: A constant source of clutter at our house is mail; notably JUNK MAIL. A small pile on the couch, a small pile on the stairs, a small pile on the kitchen counter. It drives me crazy!!! Recently I've taken a more proactive aproach to mail and I look at it as soon as it comes in the house. Right away it gets sorted into one of four categories: 1) Junk Mail - goes to recycling bin 2) Bills - goes to the computer desk 3) My Mail - I read it right away and then either recycle, shred or put somewhere away, and 4) Hubby's Mail - once he gets home he sorts fairly quickly as well. It's been a lifesaver!


  1. You know, that spice thing sounds a little crazy - but I could totally benefit from it. I can never remember which ones I'm missing until I am cooking and its too late! (Hey - I went to Disney World for spring break in college, so I totally get it. Have a blast!)

  2. I made a travel checklist, too, and it has been great! It makes traveling so much easier! Love the pantry idea, sounds so handy! I so need to sort my mail right when it comes in but I always let it pile up til I can't take it anymore and then sort it. Your way sounds so much better!


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