Cinch! 5 Day Fast Forward {Review}

It wasn't long ago that I was asked to review Cinch! - a new diet created by Flat Belly Diet author Cynthia Sass. For my review on the book, please click here.

The program starts with the 5-day Fast Forward plan that ends erratic eating by focusing on five simple foods—spinach, almonds, raspberries, eggs, and yogurt (or vegan-friendly alternatives)—eaten in a variety of combinations. These first 5 days promise up to 8 pounds of weight loss. Each of the five foods is low in calories yet loaded with nutrients and natural satiety-boosters, which allows you to “detox” from junk foods without feeling deprived.

With the knowledge in hand, it was time to put the diet to the test.

Now, Sass mentions right in the beginning that the 5-day Fast Forward is not for everyone. There is a quiz that asks questions like "Do your feelings of confidence and motivation soar when you follow a limited eating plan?" and "Do you get frustrated when you have to figure out what to make for dinner?" Your answers to her 6 question quiz are supposed to help you determine whether or not the 5-day Fast Forward plan is right for you.

Raspberries w/almonds. Photo credit: Holly at Nap Time

According to my answers... this was right up my alley. Hmm.

I should have been more skeptical when I was standing in my local supermarket with the 5 day grocery list. A dozen eggs. Check. 15 cups of spinich. Check. 20 half-pint containers of raspberries. What?? Hold the phone... was this for real??

Yes, it was for real. And as much as I appreciate raspberries for their big, juicy, robust flavor... I don't think I've ever had more than 1 cup in a 24 hours period. Before you begin this diet, you need to know that the Cinch! 5-day Fast Forward requires you to eat 4 cups (yes, two whole pints) of raspberries each day for the 5 days. Blarg.

Scramble. Photo credit: Holly at Nap Time
 I can do this. Of course I can do this. <----- Words I kept telling myself.

And I did give it a shot. For 24 hours. At the end of the first day, I was literally gagging down my smoothie and cursing the day I ever saw plain non-fat yogurt and raspberries again. It had become evident - The 5-Day Fast Forward was just not for me.

However, this is not to say that the Cinch! plan is a bad diet. It's just to say that the 5-day Fast Forward is not for everyone... especially if you value the variety of foods that you get to eat. Cynthia Sass' new Cinch! program is based on whole foods that nourish the body and help you stay healthy. The core to her Cinch! program is what I was really excited about anyways. She teaches you how to assemble well balanced meals that compliment your body and keep you energized. Delicious meals, like Berry Almond French Toast, Peanut Butter Plum Toast, and Layered Bean Dip with Cilantro-Jalapeno Guacamole.

Mixed Parfait. Photo credit: Holly at Nap Time
 The 5-day plan may have not worked for me, but I still think that the 24 hour "mini-detox" that I participated in was well worth it. By the end of the first day, I was feeling more energized and had high spirits. Gone were the feelings of "I can't" and being weighted down by junk food cravings. If you can't commit to the 5 days, try just one.

I've also read several reviews stating that the 5-day program does not allow sufficient caloric intake for women that workout regularly. Many of these women felt like they were lacking energy and wearing down. As Cynthia explains in Cinch! if you're feeling light-headed and like you're lacking energy, it's because your body is telling you that it needs more! Follow the right steps to make sure that your body is getting the energy it needs by customizing the diets with the appropriate portions.


I was in no way compensated for this post. I make no claims at the success of this or any other diet program other than my personal results. 


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