It's Been a Long Week - God Gives Me Strength

Well, unfortunately my daughter is still sick.  We are on day 4 of a fever (moderate) and I just left a message for the pediatrician asking if she wants us to come back in and see if there is a secondary infection. My poor little bug!! If anyone has any advice for comforting a sick baby (and getting her to eat) I'll gladly take it. We are using the humidifier, and that really seems to help. I found this organic foaming bath at the grocery stores from Aura Cacia. We've used it for the past three nights and it really seems to help plus it smells amazing.

This morning was also an adventure. I had to take my husband to work today, and on the way home, about a mile down the road from our house there was this little Pomeranian in the road, cowering and dodging traffic. It was foggy out, and the poor little guy was soaking wet and scared. Immediately after passing him/her, I burst out into tears. The thought of the dog getting hit by a car was too much for me to take, and before I knew it I was turning around.

I later described it to my husband as feeling God show me what I needed to do. It felt like everything was happening automatically. I pulled the car over, got out and coaxed the dog to me. He/she was so frightened and shaking like crazy. It came to me and I put it on the floor of the passenger seat of the car. A few people were standing around and I asked if anyone recognized the dog. Nobody had, so I drove it down to the street to the police animal shelter, where they so kindly dried the pup up and got him/her some food and water. I really hope its owners claim him/her today.

I really didn't expect that to be such an emotional experience for me this morning, but it was. My body totally leaped into defense mode, and I felt like suddenly I was being tested. Like that dog was put in the road specifically with the question of what would I do lingering in the background. I'm glad I helped out though.

Have you ever experienced a situation in which your heart and conscience are the only driving factors and everything is happening in a blur/automatically around you?

Unfortunately, that's all I have to post today. I'm wiped, and can hopefully catch a quick snooze before AJ wakes up. I do have a lot of great things coming up though! Keep an eye out for:

-Pizza Casserole (or pizza in a bowl) recipe... one of my childhood favorites!
-Jillian Michael's 30 day shred review. I'm going the distance. Today is day 6!


  1. Oh poor little guy! that was so nice of you to stop and help him out! I hope his owners find him!


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