Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I'm so ready for the weekend, phew! Two weeks ago my daughter started crawling, and because our house has a pretty open floor plan we needed to order our baby gates online instead of purchasing the regular doorway sized gates. I really love shopping with One Step Ahead. They have so many unique children's items! But come on already! I'm going to go bananas if those baby gates don't get here soon. I feel like all week I've been chasing our daughter around saying "No, no, sweetie.... nope... honey don't do that.... not the cat's water .... no. No. No. NO!" Not to say that I'm not happy that she is mobile. I'm thrilled! We were just a little unprepared at how quickly it would happen.

As much as I love being out and about on the town during the weekend, I'm really looking forward to a weekend at home to get some much needed cleaning and organizing done. My family is traveling to Michigan next weekend for a family wedding, and nothing would make me happier than coming back to a clean house.

Being that it's Friday, what family traditions do you have on the weekend? I am reminded of my childhood, and I used to love Fridays for the TV lineup on ABC that was so famously called TGIF. Remember that? Shows like Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step, Full House, Perfect Strangers & Mr. Belvedere occupied a 2 hour block of television from 8pm-10pm and it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. It also meant that my brother and I got to stay up late.

Gosh I miss that! I remember my mom used to go to Wendy's and bring us each home a Frosty and french fries. Yum! What I remember most though is the time my family spent together. It was something I could count on week after week, and it gave me lasting memories of childhood.

I wish that TGIF was still around. I know that with today's gazillion television channels that programming is pretty much on a demand basis, but I miss the feeling of knowing that there was something waiting for me on Friday nights.

What family traditions do you have? As our daughter gets older, my husband and I look forward to having a movie night at our house, as well as other traditions like Sunday Brunch!

Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me. ;)


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