A Sleeping Retreat

Monday, Monday, Monday. I'm happy to say that for the first time in a long time, I woke up feeling refreshed. Probably mostly because my 8 month old daughter only got up one time in the night, but also in part because I was waking up with brand new 100% organic cotton sheets. Aaaahhhhh.

Not long ago my husband asked me when we were going to make any progress on our master bedroom. It is by far the saddest room in the house, but only by default I'm afraid. When we learned that we were expecting last year and had just purchased a new home, all of our priorities shifted. Our backyard needed to be seeded, needed flower beds, needed flowers, needed a fence (still working on that one), and the babies room needed all the things a baby's room needs (plus some, of course). We needed to purchase a car, after living in NYC for two and a half years without one. And we needed appliances. Back then, the look of our bedroom was extremely far down on the list of important things.

When my husband posed the question about when we were going to do anything about our room, I was at first a little puzzled. How much really needed to be done?

I must really be a mom now, to be blinded by all the love I have for my daughter and think very little of what I myself have and want.

I took a long look at our bedroom. It really is pitiful. We never have had a real bed frame, for one - just the standard metal on wheels frame, because it was all we were willing to drag around the city with us. Our current nightstands are, shamefully, Rubbermaid tubs covered by decorative quilts. An old coffee table serves as an entertainment stand, and the ceiling fan has been missing since we moved in. How on earth did we let it get this bad?

We decided it was time to work on our space. My husband thought that a good place to start would be our bed. Our current sheets and comforters were going on 3 years and their age was starting to show. A trip to Target was in our future. Over the weekend we bought a set of organic cotton sheets and a new reversible comforter. This is a good start. Heck, I even made the bed this morning. I may be inspired to make it every morning!

I never realized how important it was for us to have a comfortable, relaxing space to sleep in. Our bedrom has been on the backburner for so long that it's just cluttered with all the items that really don't have another place in the house, when truthfully those items don't belong in the bedroom either.

On another note, the whole weekend was amazing. Today is my husband's birthday (I love you sweetie!) and since Monday birthdays pretty much stink, we decided to celebrate all weekend long. We'll be capping it off tonight with dinner and Cold Stone ice cream cake. Yumm!

Genevieve likes the new bedding.


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