Baby in the Sky

It's Wednesday, but it sure does feel like Monday. I just got home last night from a whirlwind weekend trip to see family and go to a wedding. Special shout out to Continental Airlines for making the travel a little less complicated. It was our first time traveling with baby, and my husband and I are generally not happy travelers. You know that couple you see arguing over the stupidest things like where to grab lunch or who carries what bag? Yea... that's us. In fact, our first fight happened in an airport. We laugh about it now, and I think both he and I know that what is said in the airport can not be held against us. Somehow though, baby made everything easier. People are nicer, they help you through security, crew members offer to carry your bags, flight attendants asked us if we wanted to board and get comfortable before they let anyone else on. Wow! If you haven't flown with your baby, I highly recommend it. Our daughter was a little fussy, but she didn't cry or anything. The only bump we had in our entire flying experience this weekend was her not-so-gracefully kicking my husband's tray and dumping Mr. Pibb all over his lap. But, we learned to laugh and shrug it off. After all, it's only this short time that we have to hold her on our laps and have people goo-and-ga over her. She even received her very own wings, which I will nostalgically display in her baby book. Happy baby = happy mom.

What are your baby/child travel tips?

Thank you for all the feedback on the Day Zero Project. I'm very excited, and my 1,001 days officially started today. Should definitely keep me on my toes! If you missed my list, check it out here! If you've started your own list, please share it with me. I love to find inspiration in other people's ideas.


  1. Sarah (Bird) AtkinsAug 29, 2010, 10:24:00 PM

    Thank you all for making the trip, and I am sorry to say that I didn't get to meet that amazing child of yours. I may have to make a trip to see you sometime in the future. I love your blogs!! Keep up the good work :)


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