Day Zero Project - The List

Phew! I'm exhausted! I feel like my brain is on overdrive after the last few days, as I have prepared my list for the Day Zero Project.

One of the great things about blogging is that it helps me keep up with what my friends are doing in various locations and stages of life. I first read about the Day Zero Project over at my dear friend Lauren's personal blog -  Laurenchanting. Basically, the task at hand is to create a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1,001 days. The website is designed to help you keep progress of how you're doing, as well as to find inspiration for things to add to your list. This unique idea started in New Zealand by a guy named Michael Green, and it has traveled it's way around the world pretty rapidly.

First of all, thanks to Lauren for blogging about this awesome idea! Creating my list has really motivated me to expand my horizons, and the 1,001 days is a good (and fair) benchmark for many of the "To-Dos" I've had on my list for far too long.

As a stay-at-home-mom, 101 in 1,001 really appeals to me because it is a way to make sure that even though I am doting on my daughter, that I keep a true focus on my own life as well. I also have this hope that it will give me long term productivity in all areas of my life. We'll see! Coming up with a list itself was a task! I had to really tinker with my thinker to come up with 101 tasks that were big enough to be included but not so big that I wouldn't be able to accomplish them.

In the meantime I'll be posting updates to how my list is going on this blog, and if you're inspired feel free to create your own Day Zero Project!
My list can be found on the Day Zero Project site under the username hcinvirginia. I have set my 1,001 days to begin next Wednesday, August 25th, and to end on May 23rd, 2013. (In the meantime, I'm traveling out of town for a wedding, so I guess you could say I'm "giving myself a few days.")

A few of my favorite items include feed a giraffe, no fast food for 40 days, and make homemade truffles.


  1. I love 3, 51 and 83 (of course!)

    I've done 24 and 94 and both were great fun!

    Be careful with 38...I had a friend who did that and ended up getting sick. :( But if you're careful and smart about it, I think it's a great addition to the list!

  2. Yay! I love your list, and I love that you're taking the time to focus on you :) I will definitely help you with #67!

  3. How convenient that you have a sister-in-law who will (hopefully!) soon be working in a children's hospital for you to volunteer in! ;)Also...maybe when Mia is a little older we can all go feed the giraffes at the detroit zoo-I just went back for the first time since I used to go with my grandma when I was little and they have an awesome platform for giraffe feeding! also have a sister-in-law who is willing to take that cute baby at any time so you and Kenny can accomplish all the fancy dates....or vacations :) on your list. For free! :)

  4. that is sooo awesome! i've thought about doing one, but my life is so uncertain right now. but i am doing a 30 before 30 (i just need to type it up) of the 30 things i want to do before i turn 30 in the next 5 years.

    and i know someone who you can host for a weekend :)

  5. Looks like a great list. The Day Zero Project has been quite wild for me so far. I am going to enjoy it when I look back and see that my list is completed. I hope anyway.

  6. I came across this somewhere, so I read your complete list of DayZero goals, and I must say it was pretty awesome! I loved how it really involved really funn and random things.

    We've made a blogpost trying to inspire as many as people as possible to participate (one of our goals was to write this ;). Perhaps you want to leave a comment of what you thought your best or most interesting goal was?

    Would be awesome :)
    - Griffith.


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