Tech-Free Night

In a world where we cannot buy time, everything costs money, and work has to be done, our relationships often take the bottom of the totem pole. When we hear so often that 50% of marriages end in divorce, is it really so surprising? Yes, it's a scary statistic, but with everything going on in the world it's highly likely if you don't find the time to put into your relationships. Some might call it "going their separate ways." I call it emotional neglect. The bottom line is that all relationships take work, and there are fun ways that you can up the anty with how much time you spend together.

When my husband and I lived in New York City, we were both living the high profile career life (not as high profile people, but for high profile people). It wasn't quite as glamorous as it sounds. I know that NYC sounds like all bells and whistles (I used to think so, too) but honestly with how exhausting work was, this is a little what my nights were like: Fight subway congestion, get on train, try not to step on anyone's feet, avoid eye contact with creepy people, get off train, walk 1/2 mile to apartment building, arrive home 7:15pm, order various takeout, crash on the couch and eat dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune, check blackberry for emails, get ready for bed. Not much time for my husband in there, hmm? Well not really.

Today it's the same thing. Even though we have more time at home, we often find our conversations to just be filling in the blanks; what we did that day, note-ables about the baby's diaper rash, that sort of thing. It makes me really glad that we adopted what we call "Tech-Free Night" even before we got married. I'm thinking about it now because we haven't had one in quite some time, and I think it's time to pencil one in.

Basically, tech-free night takes out all the things that generally distract us in an evening- phones, television, internet. The things that we turn to for distraction from a long day. The first time we decided to have a tech-free night we looked at each other like 'ok, now what?' but with a little creativity you can really spend some quality time together. Board games, a bottle of wine, CONVERSATION. It's fun to reconnect in new ways. My husband and I made homemade sangria one night. Another night we built a gingerbread house. And yet another we made some paintings on canvas for our living room.

Try it! Can you go tech-free all night?


  1. Hi Holly. This is such a GREAT idea. I need to challenge my husband on this. But not tonight. ;-) In all seriousness, I wonder what we could accomplish if we went tech-free. I will keep you posted. You have a GREAT writing style too, Holly!!

  2. I forgot to mention that I left an award for you on my blog tonight. :-)
    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I was going to email you back but there is no email associated with your blog.


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