Saying Goodbye to Your Elf on the Shelf

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I know that I have mentioned it several times this holiday season, but we are having such a great time starting this Elf on the Shelf Tradition with our two year old daughter. There is nothing quite like watching here face light up each morning as she searches and finds our elf, Sam, up to new adventures in our house. The memories we are making are so precious to me!
There are still a few days left to get creative with your Elf on the Shelf (check out my post on hilarious Elf on the Shelf ideas) but this Saturday is already Christmas Eve, meaning that elves all over the world will be making their trip back to the North Pole, only to return after Thanksgiving next year.
Throughout my search for fun ideas, I have come across a lot of stories about sad partings with the Elf on the Shelf. Stories of sobs from little ones who measure the time between Christmases with vast enormity, and stories of children who just don't understand why their elf can't just stay all year round.
In this thinking, I've also seen a few ideas for making goodbyes special with your elf. I thought I'd share with you my own that we'll be putting into place on December 24th!
On the 24th, Sam will be perched in an obvious place with a letter written in his own cute elfish handwriting, that will go something like this:
It's Christmas Eve, and Santa is coming! You've been such a good girl this year and I have had so much fun coming to your house and seeing you every day.
I've got a special surprise for you, too. Santa said that I won't need my magic tonight to get home because he is picking me up himself with his sleigh, and that if you want to, you can give me a goodbye hug. Just one big hug though - I still need a good dose of magic because as soon as Christmas is over I'm going to be back to work making toys in Santa's workshop!
I can't wait to see you next year and how much you've grown!
To keep in touch our kids in touch with Sam throughout the year, my husband and I have also come up with the idea to take Sam along with us throughout the year (ie business trips with my husband, our family beach trip, etc) and to snap a quick picture when the kids aren't looking. We'll then use the pictures to send the kids a postcard from time to time letting them know that Sam is looking forward to coming back after Thanksgiving, and what he's been up to in the meantime.
Does your family have a special way to say goodbye to your elf?


  1. I love your idea of taking him on vacation! We're planning Disney in May and this would be awesome!!

  2. thanks for the great idea!

  3. Diane (Virginia Beach)Dec 21, 2012, 4:40:00 PM

    Thanks for this idea!! I've altered the letter a bit to suit our family, but only a few changes! My 8 year old is going to miss our elf "sneaky" when he goes...he'll be SO excited that he can give him a hug before he goes....I'll admit, I'm going to miss the little guy too..seeing the smiles from my kids when the find him each morning really makes my day! Thanks again!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Ahhh you are genius! Love the vacay idea. My daughter (4 years) almost cried last night because tonight is Christmas Eve. It broke my heart so now I'm scrambling to make today extra special with "Rose!"


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