Maternity Portraits - Yay or Nay?

Me, pregnant in 2009
Now that my bump is in full view with baby number two (tomorrow is already the beginning on my third trimester!), people are asking me the inevitable portrait question - am I going to have maternity photos taken? And again people, the answer is NO! Not unless you include our yearly family photo for the Christmas card, in which I will be pregnant... but I find that more of a coincidence rather than a showcase of my growing belly.

My husband and I did document my growing belly with bi-weekly photos when I was pregnant with our daughter who was born in 2009. This was mostly to share with our friends and family who were over 700 miles away, and I do appreciate being able to look back at the pictures and think, aw, that's when my little baby girl was growing inside of me.

What I don't understand is why people get professional maternity photos done. I'm not really talking about those photos that couples get taken in which the woman is clearly pregnant and the daddy is kissing her tummy, or they are looking lovingly at the bump in waits of their future bundle. I think those photos are very tasteful and should be shared with family and friends. If you have the money and time, of course. (This is where I still scratch my head a little bit, because pregnancy is such a short period of time and I'd much rather have photos of the baby with the family than as a growth on my front.)

What I don't really like, or "get", at all is those artsy maternity photos in which mom gracefully has a sheet or some other fabric draped over her private parts and reveals a big huge belly. What is the point? Sure, they are beautiful portraits, and I do understand the whole, 'woman is beautiful with all her curves and imperfections and growing motherly belly.' I do get that. It's artsy and meaningful to some, maybe. But what on earth does one actually do with one of these photos? After all, they are a little bit sexy, no? Do I want my parents seeing me like this? Would I want my in-laws viewing such a photo? What do you do with the photo after it's taken? Surely not hang it on your wall? (I find that a little weird and vain.) Do you expect your husband to carry a copy in his wallet?

Maybe I'm too modest? What do you think about those photos?


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