Thanks Life Alert - My Toddler Has Fallen and She Can't Get Up

It's been a long week here in Virginia. First an earthquake, and then a hurricane. Hurricane Irene did quite a number on our city. Lots of trees and power lines down, and also some damage to cars and homes. Somehow we lost our power before the storm really hit (it was raining, but it didn't seem that bad) and Dominion Power was able to restore it within three hours. It remained on for the rest of the hurricane, which we are so thankful for. I know a lot of people are still without power three days later. I can't even imagine. My husband and I have offered our home to friends, etc. but so far nobody has taken us up on it.

Anyways, during the hurricane we had The Weather Channel on for most of the day at our house. I was so happy that the worst of the hurricane came through during the day time so that we could see what was going on outisde. It's pretty scary when everything is blowing around out there and you can't see a thing!

Let me tell you. The commercials on The Weather Channel are not all sunshine and rainbows. Most of them are about preparing for your house to be demolished by some sort of natural disaster or another with the right type of insurance. And in between those, there are commercials for Life Alert.

I'm not knocking Life Alert. I think their service is amazing, and that all senior citizens who live alone should definitely have one. However, the abundance of these commercials had led my 22 month old daughter to start parading around the house with her hands cupped around her mouth while calling out "help! help!"

[ Insert laughs and comments of how adorable my daughter is here.]

Yea, I thought it was pretty adorable too. At first. But here we are three days later. She wakes up in the morning and calls out, "Mommy, help!" She wants to be carried, she puts her arms up and yells, "Help! Help!"

I think I'm at a loss. I know that AJ doesn't exactly know what the word help means. She's too young to understand the story of the boy who cried wolf. And perhaps she's just enjoying the vanity of a new word learned, because she can say it so well.

All I know is that if it doesn't stop soon, I'm going to be the one calling for help. :)


  1. That is so funny...not the hurricane, but AJ. Isn't it frustrating when kids do things that are so cute, but then it just never stops and it fails to be cute anymore. I'm sure that it doesn't feel great for you to carry her around either. Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way. That is so exciting!


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