My Love/Hate Relationship with the Pimped-Out Kiddie Shopping Carts

Shopping with a toddler. As any mom well knows, you can barely get into the store without a sympathetic look from a woman shopping kid-free, or a better-you-than-me stare from a middle aged man. We all know it. Shopping with a toddler is not easy.

With AJ, shopping really has no middle ground. She's usually either fantastic, or a little devil. No in between.

And then one day as we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, she spotted the pimped out shopping cart. She knew exactly what it was for, and climbed right on in.

Part shopping cart, part toddler dream - AJ was so happy to be driving and steering her way down the aisles of our local grocery store. "Beep, beep!" she would exclaim as she pounded on the horn.

Thank you pimped out shopping cart, for making our trip to the grocery store bearable. AJ even seemed to understand when it was time to load up the car and go home. She, thankful for her experience, said bye-bye to the car and we went happily on our way.

Too good to be true? Most things are.

Thanks to you, Pimped Out Shopping Cart, we can no longer have a normal shopping trip without you. When we arrived at Target and put AJ in the normal shopping cart, heavy sobs replaced the smiles that we once saw. My husband dug through corrals of shopping carts to find the special one that had "extra" toddler seats. You know the one I'm talking about. It wasn't any car, but it did keep the tears at bay long enough to pick up diapers and a new blender.

You're not always available, Pimped Out Shopping Cart. We're not the only ones that like you. Our local grocery store has three of you. I don't like competing for you. When I walk into the store, if you're not available my shopping trip is as good as finished. I might as well turn around and go home, because my daughter is only going to see other kids using you, and she is going to get very upset. I have to plan my shopping around when you're going to be available. It's a compromise for my sanity.

And though you are "cool" and "fun" for the kiddos, you still kind of creep me out Pimped Out Shopping Cart. You're grimey. Everytime I see you I see dirty little handprints all over you, and it takes everything I have to stave away my child while I use a handful of sanitizing wipes to clean you up again.

So as you can see, my emotions are mixed. What do you think about these shopping gadgets?

I just read an article about shopping carts that are not only equipped with cars, but have video consoles to keep the kids busy. Is this pushing the limits? Check it out here.


  1. I'll give this a big Amen to this post. Thankfully my older guy no longer freaks out when we go to a Pimped out shopping cart-less store. When we to go to a store that has those carts it can backfire if you don't end up getting one of the three carts they have. If you pass another kid with a car cart it is all over.

  2. We have the ones with the videos in them... although the "idea" of them is good... they are my enemy!! My kids are awful the whole shopping trip if they even catch sight of one while going in!! Ours cant be brought outside, so after getting a cart full of groceries, I then have to change carts before the timer goes off on the video cart and it locks up and you then can't move it! PLUS you have to pay $1 to use one!!!

  3. Just wait until she is old enough to push her own little "mini" shopping cart. Whole Foods has them and so does the new Kroger. I miss the days of the pimped out shopping cart. At least Alex was strapped in and contained within the "car". Now that he is older, I spend my time following him around the store as he pushes his own little cart. I can't blink or look away for one second thinking he is going to run someone over. He has bumped in to numerous food displays, run in to my heels a dozen times, and snuck additional food items in his basket. Now, who came up with that idea?


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