God Has Reason for Everything

I have a lot of great blog posts coming up, including the (belated) finale to the 24 Hours of Progress, a fabulous review of the Spring BabyLegs line (and of course another giveaway!), a review for Uniquely Pampered, and Disney reviews including Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and the Disney Dining Plan. It's going to be a great and busy next couple of weeks here!

Right now though, I just want to take a moment to share with you all how blessed that I feel lately. Two years ago at this time, my husband and I moved from our apartment in New York City to a suburban townhouse in Virginia. We weren't planning on it being a settling point; just a stop on our way back home. So when we moved here I didn't feel like life would really happen here... more that it would just be a place of limbo, a place where we lived while we were waiting for life to begin.

And then life did begin. Right after we bought our house I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter, now 17 months. I suddenly wasn't alright with just waiting around anymore. I needed people. I needed to find the reason for why we had detoured to the south and what would come of it. I trusted God to show me, and He did. :)

The Lord is just so amazing. Shortly after our move, a coworker of my husband mentioned a church that he and his family attended often. We went and felt right at home - we were hooked. On one of our very first visits, the rector's wife introduced herself and also introduced us to another young family at the church. It seemed to be a place for us. We made friends, joined a family group and found a place where our faith could grow even deeper.

I found a mom's group to join at 10 weeks pregnant. It was a little crazy. A mom's group and I wasn't technically a mom yet, but I was desperate for the support of local women. And they were so accepting, making my pregnancy and life since AJ fun, enjoyable and stress free. And now two years later I'm running the mom's group - hopefully making it as a supportive and happy place as it was when I joined. It's really just awesome to see how things come full circle.

And of course I started this blog. As an attempt to find a voice for myself, I've found a way to share my life and thoughts with a world of awesome people. It's been an invaluable outlet, which I think a lot of bloggers would agree with. If you've been a part of my journey thus far, I want to thank you.

I'm just really happy. I feel like I've grown so much as a person, and as a Christian in the last two years. I feel like I've found meaning that God had especially for me, and that makes me feel amazing.


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