How My Toddler Became Rich

One of the activities we've been doing to practice our fine motor skills is putting coins in the piggy bank. AJ has quickly become a huge fan, and how can I resist this face when she wants to feed her "giggy" ?

My husband and I laugh that our 16 month old has a higher net worth than us, but it's true! No mortgage or debt for her! ;)


  1. So cute!! One of Avery's favorites! Her piggy banks are so cute!

    You asked about how to get started...hmmm...first there is a section on Tot School's website that give recommendations that you might take a look at

    For me, I started out slowly. First I looked at all the tot school posts for kids around Avery's age (also talked to my sister) and went back and looked at older tot school posts for kids around her age. I started making lists of things that I could do with her. Then I started looking for and gathering supplies. I first looked around the house and started a big pile of things I thought I could use. Being a former teacher, I luckily had a good start right there. Then I started making lists of things I wanted/needed and that's when I hit the dollar stores and dollar section at Target. That took me about a week. Once I had a nice collection started (just a tip, organize it as you go, makes it so much easier to find things) I started introducing things to her. Once again I started out slow, like only 2 or 3 things the first week. As we went along I would continue to do more and more each week. Right now I try to plan about 2 things a day, sometimes it's a "work" or tot tray, sometimes it's just getting out a toy that has been put away for a while, sometimes a craft, sometimes a gross motor activity. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can help any more! Can't wait to see what you and AJ do!


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