24 Hours of Progress: The 13th Hour

After 8 amazing days at Disney World, I'm having a little bit of trouble getting back to my "real life." Good thing I have this 24 Hour of Progress to keep me on track, right? ;)

And yes, we had an awesome vacation. Please stay tuned for my series of Disney reviews coming soon. :)

About 24 Hours of Progress:

So often, the only projects that get "done" around our homes is dinner (and no, takeout doesn't count) and the laundry. Out of necessity though. There are so many little nagging projects that linger for most of us. Yes, we can live with a little clutter here or there, but it sure feels good to get those little things out of the way!

Spring is a natural time of rebirth and shedding the layers that has descended upon our house over the winter. The Holly at Nap Time series 24 hours of Progress is designed of 72 household projects that will take on average about one hour to do. Pick one project each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work on from now until April 1st. By the end of the session, you will have made 24 Hours of Progress towards the home you deserve!

The Thirteenth Hour:

Change the Batteries in your Smoke Detectors:  When my husband and I first purchased our home, it was about 5 years old and only had one previous owner. On one of the first nights in our new home, we were awoken by the chirp of a dying smoke detector at about 1am. Frantically searching the house, half-asleep, we learned that there was a smoke detector in every single room of the house (not complaining!) Because the chirping would only go off once per minute, it took us quite awhile to discover which one was dying. We put batteries on our shopping list, but before we got to the store that weekend we went through the same experience of finding a dying detector two more times!

The general rule of thumb is to change the batteries in your smoke detector every year around your birthday. For our family, this didn't work so well. We tried it, but then wait - did we do it around my birthday or was it my husband's? Did we do it at all last year? The system just threw us for a loop. That's why Spring is a great time to change the batteries. During your routine Spring Cleaning, make sure to check them out.

Now would also be a good time to create a family fire escape plan. Designate a meeting spot outside of the house and have a fire drill to make sure that everyone is on the same page in case of emergency.

Clean Out Your Freezer: Somehow I usually find myself saying that we have "absolutely nothing to eat" even though my freezer is overflowing. I'll admit that I'm usually not one to go digging through the freezer. If it's not in plain site when I open the door, it might as well not be in there at all.

Take the time to go through your freezer and clear out anything that a) you don't remember buying - it's probably old and gross and b) that you don't anticipate eating. Awhile back I was on a health kick and bought a ridiculous amount of frozen spinach. I really need to incorporate it into our meals because it takes up a lot of space.

Update Your Address Book: Friends move, phone numbers change, and if you're like me you like to have a hard copy of these records other than your digital rolodex on your computer. I usually end up sticking envelopes with new addresses inside my address book with the intentions of updating it later. Over time, the envelopes add up pretty quickly. :) Take the time to get everything up to date so that you don't make the mistake of getting returned Christmas cards, wrong numbers, and wrong locations later!


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