24 Hours of Progress: The 9th Hour

About 24 Hours of Progress:
So often, the only projects that get "done" around our homes is dinner (and no, takeout doesn't count) and the laundry. Out of necessity though. There are so many little nagging projects that linger for most of us. Yes, we can live with a little clutter here or there, but it sure feels good to get those little things out of the way!

Spring is a natural time of rebirth and shedding the layers that has descended upon our house over the winter. The Holly at Nap Time series 24 hours of Progress is designed of 72 household projects that will take on average about one hour to do. Pick one project each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work on from now until April 1st. By the end of the session, you will have made 24 Hours of Progress towards the home you deserve!

The Ninth Hour:
Clean Out Your Lotions & Potions: Most women (and quite a few men) have quite the assortments of lotions, perfumes, body sprays, and other body indulgence items. Why? For one, they are easy to give as gifts. We receive them in a stocking, or with a birthday card, or as a thank you for helping out a friend. And when we happen to find ourselves in those body shops, there is pretty much always a sale going on. Buy 6 get 3 Free! I'm gonna have to stock up! This is a great deal!
I remember in high school and college my collection of body lotions took up the entire top of my dresser. It was a little bit overboard. Not to mention that I didn't use certain lotions because I was "saving them for later." Um, why? Saving them to turn all old and crusty and gross? I guess so. Back then the vanity of having a full bottle of lotion seemed like a good thing. These days, I'm more of the old saying Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it do, Or do without! The answer is usually do without. Really? Am I ever going to want to smell like Orange Ginger for a reason?
My stash is currently down to a couple items that my sister-in-law gave me that I use regularly.
Clear Out Your Inbox: Between the blog and my "regular life" I currently have 154 unread messages. No, they aren't all important... many of them are just pointing to weekend sales and such. However they are still there, and they are still a distraction. I recently found this article on how to be "Email Zen." It's well worth the read. The number one rule they mention is avoiding keeping your email up all day, which is probably my worst habit. I keep Gmail up throughout the day so that I can chat with my husband at work ("Can you pick up dinner on your way home?") Generally every time I see a new email it immediately distracts me from what I'm doing and I'm sucked in.
While you're at it, take the time to open all those SALE! emails and unsubscribe. It'll help you save loads of cash. The fact of the matter is, if you're LOOKING for something you can find it on sale. If a sale randomly finds YOU, you're spending well earned money on things you don't need.
Change Your Passwords: It's good practice and common sense to change your passwords every so often, to protect your identity. You can check to see how strong your passwords are at Microsoft's Safety & Security Center.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I so need to do this! I have way to many lotions, many of which are years old and I have never opened. And Eric is always after me to change my passowrds.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, I need to get back into blogging. I know I haven't mentioned anything on my blog yet but I am pregnant and the 1st trimester was really hard. I was so nausous and tired all the time. I am starting to feel a little better but now I am getting caught up on all the stuff around the house I put off. Ugh!!! I really miss blogging and want to get started again, hopefully in the next week or two!

    Thanks for joining Feed Me Friday! I am subscribing back. Hope you join us again next week!


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