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That's right... my very own blog store! Featuring all of our favorites for baby and mom. Make sure you check it out today using the tab at the top right, or by clicking this link. The best part is that we're powering it all through Amazon, which means that you know that you're getting the best price available it a completely secure environment!!

The shop has been up for a couple weeks now, but I'm still working on the little details. I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks!

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In other news, AJ is still sick. Last night it was more throwing up and diarrhea. She did sleep pretty well last night though... only got up twice and each time I gave her a few sips of water. Today she has been keeping everything down, but I haven't given her anything except for the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). Any feedback on other foods to start back on would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to give her some chicken soup but she won't touch the stuff. (This is my picky kid who won't eat mac 'n cheese but begs for salad....)

Picking up my husband from the airport in a few hours and beginning a three day weekend!! Let's pray that AJ is feeling better so that I can get this place cleaned up! (There isn't enough Febreeze in the world right now to keep my house smelling from puke. Any tips there would also be gladly accepted.)


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  2. Oh, Holly, I'm so sorry AJ's so sick! I wish I had some advice, but it sounds like you have it covered. Good luck and I hope it passes soon!!

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