Anyone can be a Master at Wine & Cheese Pairing with this New FREE Mobile App!

When my husband and I lived in New York City (pre-baby days), we had it easy. I'm talking, really easy. On nights that we weren't dining out on delicious cuisine from all over the world (I think I miss the food the most!) we were preparing meals at home from an amazing grocery service. We ordered our food from an online vendor that had everything laid out for us, including which wine would pair nicely with the meal we were preparing. It was heaven. Not to mention they delivered!! I tell you what... if they had also unpacked and stocked my refridgerator (which I'll admit, might be a little excessive) they would have been the perfect company.

Since moving to the suburbs it seems like we have given up trying to pair wines with our meals. In fact, most nights we'll be 10 minutes into dinner and my husband will (as nicely as he can) excuse himself from the table to get a glass of water, because it's completely slipped my mind.

Well, not anymore. Now, thanks to Real California Cheese, you can go to a restaurant and confidently order a beer or wine and a cheese that compliments it perfectly. You can host a dinner party without having to second guess your selections while you watch your guests every reaction to the tastes.

How? you might ask. Well... as the saying goes these days - "There's an App for that."

Pair Savvy is a user-friendly application that works on both iPhone and Android devices and allows users to search by cheese, wine or beer varieties based on personal preference. California cheesemakers make more than 250 varieties and styles of Real California Cheese, everything from bandage wrapped Cheddar to award-winning Brie.

Here’s how it works:
Download Pair Savvy to your mobile device and you can select by cheese, wine or beer. If you don't have a compatible mobile device, users can still use the Pair Savvy site to find savvy pairings.

Pair Savvy will come up with a pairing that has a list of suggested cheeses, California cheesemakers and brand names they can purchase at retail. So cool!

Some pairings even suggest fruit accompaniments, which is great when putting together a cheese plate or display. Users can also save pairings and rate the pairings they have tried. There’s even a “Surprise Pairing” option for the more daring at heart.

This fun app is available for free download, just in time for holiday events. A beautiful, perfectly paired selection of cheeses and beverages will make you the most celebrated host or hostess and the favorite guest at every party you attend.

Real California Cheese Pair Savvy is available today to most smart phone users through their mobile browser:

For the iPhone: Visit the App Store, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free (available soon).

For Android users: Visit the Android Marketplace, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free.

Better yet, Pair Savvy is linked to so the app will update automatically with no need to download future updated versions.

With New Year's Eve coming up (tomorrow!) for example, did you know that Champagne pairs well with Bleu Cheese? I would have never guessed it, but thinking about it now I guess I can see how it would!

This is a new app that will obviously be updated over time. I was surprised that the wine list wasn't a little bit more detailed (I couldn't find any options for my favorites - Merlot) but I'm sure it'll be added in time. Because this app is totally FREE it is definitely worth downloading! (And seriously... just do it now. Don't be the person that remembers this post in the middle of a nice evening out and needs to pull out their phone and find it in the app store and download it then... what a mood killer!)

*I was in no way compensated for this post, written in part through my membership with the One2One Network. I will be entered a giftcard.


  1. Thanks for the App review. I got an iphone 4 a couple months ago and I am still finding all these great apps

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  2. Love it! I'm a huge red wine fan (weird they don't have merlot) but I'll be using this because my Dad is a huge cheese fan and I love wine & cheese!

  3. What a fun app! Are you talking about Fresh Direct? I LOVED Fresh Direct. I definitely miss it :( Happy New Year!

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