An Unexpected Turn of Events

I feel like I've definitely seen my share of doctors recently. A few weeks ago my husband convinced me to see our primary care physician about some back pain I'd been having. Mild, parenting related, back pain. I agreed and as I predicted, the doctor wasn't concerned at all and told me that the pain should go away by itself in a few weeks. But before I was on my way out the door, he was feeling my thyroid and was concerned with what he was feeling. So the next morning I was back to visit the lab for some blood work. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

The blood work came back and the doctor's suspicions were confirmed - my body was not producing enough thyroid hormone. He wanted me to see an endocrinologist for further analysis.

Yesterday was my first meeting with my endocrinologist. Her first question - "Are you feeling really tired lately?" My response - "Um, well yes I'm feeling tired. I have a one year old daughter I'm chasing around all day." An ultrasound of my thyroid is done. More bloodwork is done. I am diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease.  Say what? An auto-immune disorder in which my body is actually creating antibodies to attack my thyroid. Huh. Well how about that?

Less than 24 hours later my doctor calls me with the blood results. Am I dying? No doctor has ever called me back in less than 24 hours. She states that my thyroid levels are extremely extremely extremely low, and that my Hashimoto's has caused me to have hypothyroidism. We begin discussing my life-long treatment plan, and she explains the importance of getting me synthroid medication right away. She says that she knows I'm not complaining of feeling bad, but she promises that I will feel renewed, with more energy in the next few weeks. Hooray!

All the while, I'm thinking that my back has stopped hurting. Probably because I haven't had time to think about it since my original visit to the doctor.

And my point being, that everyone should go to the doctor regularly to get checked out. Our bodies are complicated systems, and sometimes we don't even notice that they aren't working properly. It's best to catch these things before they turn into big ugly things!!

According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, as estimated 25 million people have some form of hypothyroidism, but only half have been diagnosed.

If anyone can suggest any resources for me to check out, it'd be appreciated!


  1. Oh my gosh Holly, I'm so sorry! But that's great that it can easily be corrected and will help you have more energy. I'm so glad you were able to catch it! Hope the meds help out!

  2. Oh, man, that is crazy! I'm glad they found it! I hope that meds give you a renewed self. My mom had a very enlarged thyroid and had to have it removed. Keep us posted on how things are going. Not that we can really do a whole lot to help, but...just concerned.

  3. Oh Holly! It's funny how things like this work - blessing in disguise that you had that back pain. I'm so sorry that you're going through this, but thank goodness the doctor figured it out right away and there is an easy correction for it - the medicine. I don't have any resources to check out, but the fact that it's an endocrine disorder makes me wonder how much our environment is to blame. There are so many endocrine disrupting chemicals pervading our lives - like BPA in receipts, canned goods makes me so angry that we don't have laws that protect us. I hope the meds give you more energy as promised! Good luck and I will absolutely keep my eyes out for helpful info for you!

  4. Hooray for more energy! And I so agree -- we need to take care of ourselves.

    Stopping by here from the Relax & Surf blog hop. Have a great weekend!

  5. I think a lot of us moms just let things go because we are too busy and we need to take care of ourselves!! Following from the blog hop, hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,

  6. I will take some of that energy lol. I am a new follower from RASS. I would love a follow back at

  7. Hi Holly! How fun that we both have Mia's and less than a month apart in age! Thanks for finding my blog, I'm happy to have found yours too!

    I'm so glad you found your thyroid problem! And hooray for more energy soon!

  8. What a great post, thanks for sharing this info! I am so glad you were able to find out about that right away!!

    I am a new follower! Hope you will follow us back to Just Married with Coupons

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. Endocrinologists are scary at first, but it gets better over time. My 2.5 year old goes to one for premature thelarche. Thank goodness there are so many great doctors out there! So glad you found one.

    Thanks for stopping by Making Friends Monday a few weeks ago. I am now following you back. We would love for you to make some new friends again this week. Join us again!
    - Leandrea

  10. Newest follower via the Blog Hop. Great Site I look forward to reading your posts. The Mommy Chronicles


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