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Sponsor Spotlight: Cloth Diapers 'n More!

I mentioned at the beginning of November that I was participating in The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt sponsored by Diaper Decisions. Well, the month is coming to an end, and the web scavenger hunt is coming to a close, but I am happy to announce that it's just what I needed to get started on my journey to cloth diapering.

As I mentioned in my post here, cloth diapering was always my intention, but once a new baby was actually in the picture it became all too intimidating. There are so many things to know! None of my mommy friends were using cloth diapers (that I knew of) and I was hesitant to be the trendsetter when I had no idea what I was doing.

Then recently I kept saying I wish I had tried - when I realized that late is better than never. I'm not calling myself a pro, but I'm learning, and I found the best way for me to incorporate cloth diapering into our daily routine right now is for me to use them at night.

I'm so glad that I found Cloth Diapers 'n More! Our …

Fall Family Challenge: S is for Silly Snowmen

December is almost upon us! And though I live in the south now, I just can't imagine a holiday season without snow - which is why it's a good thing we're making the 12 hour trek north to spend the holiday with our families. This is actually our second year having a Virginia Christmas, but last year we were pounded blessed with three major snow storms; giving us a very white holiday season!

I really hope that there is snow when we travel to Michigan this year for Christmas. My husband and I are looking forward to taking AJ sledding and building a snowman!!

Here are some silly snowman ideas for outdoors or indoors... no matter what climate you live in!

S is for Silly Snowmen
Snowman Chair Covers
Need a fun and easy way to spice up the "kid's table" this year? Check out these adorable Snowman Chair Covers from Disney's Family Fun. All you need is a few yards of felt, a sewing machine and some glue! (Psst... a plain white pillow case works well too!) For even m…

Get a $25 Discount Code to Shutterfly Just In Time for Holiday Cards!

Blissful Beluga Christmas Get custom photo Christmas cards online at View the entire collection of cards.

Last year we used Shutterfly's Christmas Cards to serve a dual purpose - wish Happy Holidays to all of our loved ones and announce the arrival of our little one!

Do you want to get a $25 code to Shutterfly to use towards your holiday purchase? Follow these easy steps, here:

1. Log into your Shutterfly account.

2. If you don't already have a photocard project, you're going to need to create one.

3. Click on "My Shutterfly"

4. Click on "View All Projects" and select one of your photocard projects by clicking on the green dot above the title.

5. On the right side of the page, click "Share Project" and follow the steps to get the widget to embed the project onto your blog.

6. When you're finished, email with the link to your website to receive your free $25 code.

ENJOY!!! is Perfect for EVERY Online Shopper!

For my family, Thanksgiving is really the beginning of the holiday season. Growing up, Thanksgiving marked the day that it was acceptable to put up our Christmas decorations, play the holiday music and shop for gifts. Now that I have my own family I have broken all those rules (my tree was up a week ago), but I do have to say that the Thanksgiving holiday really does put me in the holiday spirit and leave me feeling thankful for what I have and charitable towards others, which is why I am so glad that I found this shopping season! is an organization created by Stephen Paletta, the gentleman who won Oprah's Big Give back in 2008. The concept is easy and appealing: you sign up for an account which serves as your "foundation." You can add money to your foundation yourself, through sponors, or through the GiveBack Shopping Mall, in which a % of every purchase you makes goes into your foundations. And this is where the magic of really beg…

Sponsor Super Sale! Only $10 for 3 Pairs of BabyLegs!! Get them FAST!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving. I know I did. It was my first time cooking a turkey (I've purchased them fully cooked in the past) and I was really happy with the way that it turned out!

I know everyone is busy shopping today so I'll leave you with this AWESOME deal from our sponsors - BabyLegs!

Today you can get a bundle of 3 pairs of BabyLegs for just $10!! While supplies last! (That's a $26 savings!)

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Enjoy!!! I just purchased the "Paint the Town Pink" set!

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Adopted Ed {A Children's Book Review}

November is National Adoption Month in the United States. It's a time to raise awareness of the children in our own foster care system that are in need of their forever homes. Currently that number is 115,000 children (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services). Chances are, you know someone in your life who has been adopted. And chances are, that person at one time or another has been an outcast for this unique trait they have about them. It's important to educate our children on adoption and the characteristics that make each of us special.

Adopted Ed is a beautiful children's book in which we follow the journey of a young boy, Ed, as he learns that he is adopted. Author Darren Maddern speaks from the heart in this Suessical style book, as he was adopted too. It touches base on the issues of what it means to be adopted, how to overcome other people's thoughts on adoption, and the feelings of emptiness that adopted children often have later in life that prompts t…

Guest Post by From Chalkboards to Strollers! Fall Family Challenge: R is for Reading Readiness

Thanks for all the comments and support yesterday. When it came to breastfeeding, I never imagined thatIwould need to be the one weaned! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this boat. Today is day #2 of the dropped morning nap feed, and yet again she didn't even care. I'm hopeful. :)

Fall Family Challenge:
I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the Fall Family Challenge. I wanted to do something fun and creative that would inspire families to do things together. With all the toys and gadgets out there these days, I feel like family time has become less and less of a priority. As my daughter grows up, I certainly don't want that to be the case in my house! I guess you could say I'm stock-piling ideas now so that I'm prepared.

I certainly don't consider myself an expert on the subject though. I knew that when the letter "R" approached that I wanted to do something on Reading Readiness, and it didn't take me long to ask Liz from the blog…

What's the Hold Up? It's Me...

Fall in Virginia is absolutely gorgeous. This is our second southern fall, but I feel like I didn't get to really enjoy it last year - probably because for the first half I was 9 months pregnant, and for the second half I was on the couch with a newborn trying to get it together.
AJ got a wagon from her grandparents for her birthday, and today was the perfect autumn day to take it for a spin (or 5) around the block.
Now that she is a year old I'm ready to stop breastfeeding her.  That's what I keep telling myself anyways. When I first brought her home, it was always my intention to supplement with formula every so often - mostly to give myself a break. Well that never worked out for us. I have tried formula several times in her first year and my picky little peanut has always gagged on it. I continued to pump breastmilk and we tried to give her a bottle once a day until she was about 6 months and she decided she'd rather starve than take a bottle. Since I am a stay-at-…

Wednesday Blog Hops!

Welcome fellow blog hoppers. My name is Holly and I am the stay-at-home-mom to one beautiful little girl (who around here I call AJ for short). This blog is a journey of sorts - I like to share my progress in my Day Zero Project, share ideas for family togetherness in my series Fall Family Challenge, bounce recipe ideas off of my readers, and blog about my personal life as a 20 something mom in Virginia. There's also plenty of reviews and giveaways along the way! I hope you'll follow me! Please leave me a comment letting me know that you stopped by so that I can do the same. Thanks!

Fall Family Challenge: Q is for Quizzing your Kiddos

One of the greatest joys of being a parent is being able to witness the personality development of your child. Their likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, favorites, etc. Sometimes when I look at my daughter, it's hard to believe that my husband and I created her from thin air, and that now she is this beautifully stubborn toddler. It's a miracle to have her here with me every day, and I thank God for letting me be a part of her life.

The fact is that children change so quickly. Here's a fun way to help them discover their own personality development. :)

Q is for Quizzing your Kiddos

If you're like most parents, you can hardly keep up with your child's preferences. One day they are in love with Curious George. So while they are at school you visit the local library and check out a dozen Curious George books, and take the time to DVR every episode of the furry little critter that comes on at 3am when your little one is sound asleep. But by the time you deliver the goods, …

Sponsor Spotlight: BabyLegs! {Review & Giveaway}


By now you’ve probably seen them – those cozy little leg warmers that make those fat little baby thighs cuter than you thought they could ever possibly be. In dozens of styles, colors and themes, BabyLegs are quickly becoming essential clothing items for babies and toddlers, and it’s not hard to see why!

I was over the moon when I teamed up with BabyLegs for the Blogtastic Extravaganza this coming January (you’ll have to come back then to see what they have in store for us!) I was even more excited though to learn that a package was on its way for my review, along with a Giveaway Grab Bag for one lucky Holly at Nap Time reader! You don’t want to miss this one! … and don’t tell anyone, but I bumped elbows with Santa the other day and he told me that BabyLegs are in high demand for stocking stuffers this year. Here’s your chance to help the jolly guy out.

Why BabyLegs (from their website:

BabyLegs offers several practical and resourceful ways to kee…

Fall Family Challenge: P is for Perfect Pie Activities

Wow, what a weekend! I cannot believe how much work goes into a first birthday party! AJ had the time of her life though. Grandma Amy & Aunt Marie were able to make the trip to visit (ie help) us and make the event even more memorable. Full post and highlights to come soon.

What I wasn't prepared for was the amount of gifts that AJ would receive. Holy cow! My living room is one tall giraffe short of a toy store now! I'm going to have to spend some time this week going through everything and putting away some of the baby toys that she doesn't play with anymore.

Among all the bustle of the weekend, I totally forgot that I had a delicious fudge pie in my fridge for our house guests! Drats... more sweets for me to eat!

P is for Perfect Pie Activities

A lot of people will agree that a pie is as American as the flag itself, but I really consider October-January to be the perfect "pie season." Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there really is no better time to ch…

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today is my daughter's 1st birthday. Where did the time go!? I cannot believe what a funny, beautiful little child she's grown to be. My husband's work was nice enough to let him work from home today so that he could see her (because usually he has work and school and doesn't see her Tuesday and Wednesdays). While he was taking a lunch break we had cake and opened presents. What precious moments these are for us parents!! Pictures to come. We'll be having a party with a few of her friends later this week.

Happy Birthday, AJ!!

Now if only she will start sleeping through the night! We were doing so well, and then the last week or so she has suddenly become super clingy and just wants to be held or play all night. Last night we were up from 12:30am-4:30am because she was just wired! I think it's time to consider cutting down to one nap a day instead of two. Drats.

This is one of the many ways I know that God is listening. He has heard me tell my coworkers, teac…

Norah Jones ...Featuring {Review & Pre-Order Information}

Norah Jones captured hearts all over the world with her critically acclaimed album, Come Away With Me, in 2002. Five Grammys and three albums later, she is back with a new album - ...Featuring.

From the album:Recorded from 2001 to 2010, the cameos, duets and collaborations on this compilation span the musical spectrum and show Norah Jones to be one of the decade's most diverse musical connectors.

As a big fan myself, I was pleased to be asked to review ...Featuring. It's already become a nap time favorite at my house. The baby is snoozing, and Norah's smooth, velvety voice comes on to help relieve me of the stresses of the day.

At first glance at the album, I was a little surprised at what my eyes were seeing. Outkast? Willie Nelson? Foo Fighters? Surely all of these names couldn't be on the same album with the lovely and talented Norah Jones. Just one listen though, and I was sold. This woman has an amazing vocal presence and she just fits into each collaboration so …

Fall Family Challenge: O is for Organic Options

It's Monday, and the start of another busy week! Thank you for the support and feedback on my recent knowledge of my thyroid problem. I've now been on the synthroid medication for three days, and I feel like I already have more energy. I know that it's probably my mind playing tricks on me (like I've willed myself to have more energy) and that these things take time, but the bottom line is that I'm hopeful about it all.

BIG WEEK here! On Wednesday, my beautiful little bambina is going to be ONE YEAR OLD!! I can hardly believe the last year has gone so quickly. My due date was the 7th, and last year on the 8th I had given up on her coming. Haha - only one day late but I felt like I was just going to be pregnant forever. Then on the 10th the doctor had me come in to be induced, only to find that I was already in labor when I got there (and I didn't even know it, ha). It's been a fantastic year!

O is for Organic Options

Or-gan-ic. In the last few years, the wo…

An Unexpected Turn of Events

I feel like I've definitely seen my share of doctors recently. A few weeks ago my husband convinced me to see our primary care physician about some back pain I'd been having. Mild, parenting related, back pain. I agreed and as I predicted, the doctor wasn't concerned at all and told me that the pain should go away by itself in a few weeks. But before I was on my way out the door, he was feeling my thyroid and was concerned with what he was feeling. So the next morning I was back to visit the lab for some blood work. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

The blood work came back and the doctor's suspicions were confirmed - my body was not producing enough thyroid hormone. He wanted me to see an endocrinologist for further analysis.

Yesterday was my first meeting with my endocrinologist. Her first question - "Are you feeling really tired lately?" My response - "Um, well yes I'm feeling tired. I have a one year old daughter I'm chasing around al…

Fall Family Challenge: N is for Naughty or Nice

My daughter had been feeling better for almost a week now but my housework is still really far behind! Does anyone else find that the further you get behind that the harder it is to get going in a forward direction? I hate that feeling!

Parents generally like this time of year because they don't have to remind their kids so often that Santa is watching. Every kid knows about the naughty and nice list, and whereas I don't know if there are any kids out there that actually, in fact, have received a lump of coal or no presents for Christmas, but the threat has been working for centuries.

N is for Naughty or Nice... it's Santa's List and he's checking it twice!
Elf on the Shelf
I love this holiday tradition! How does Santa really know what's going on around the holidays? His little helpers, of course! This Elf on the Shelf comes with a darling storybook. Your elf is super sneaky! Each day leading up to Christmas the kids can search the house to see where the E…

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt! (LOADS of Prizes!)

Congratulations are in order to Sarah B., the winner of my $35 CSN Gift Code giveaway chosen by Happy shopping, Sarah!! (CONFIRMED)

As a mom, I wish I could say that I used cloth diapers. As a pregnant mom I actually had every intention to, but the whole "becoming a parent for the first time" was so overwhelming that I completely threw the idea out the window as soon as we brought AJ home from the hospital.

I think though, that in the future I'd like to try it. I'm learning a LOT of info over at the Diaper Decisions website, and I'm having a ton of fun doing it at the same time!

This November Diaper Decisions is hosting their 11th Great Cloth Diaper Hunt across the web. Participants visit sponsors websites and search for a logo with a cloth diaper on it to be entered in daily prizes, as well as to gain entrance into bigger prizes! Some of the logos are really easy to find, but others will involve logic puzzles, guessing games, and a little bit of th…

Fall Family Challenge: M is for Magical Movie Night {at home!}

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. I was a little bummed by our trick-or-treater turn out of 9 kids, but I wasn't at all surprised. We took AJ to a Halloween party at a local children's space and she won a costume contest.

We are so proud of our little garden gnome!! We didn't collect treats this year, as I think it would have been a little too obvious that the candy was going to mom and dad, ha ha. Be honest, how much of your children's candy do you sneak?

I know a few of my friends are doing this, and I think it's an excellent idea!! They are allowing their kids to use their candy like money to "buy" something like a new toy or book. Genius way of curbing overindulgence, too.

M is for Magical Movie Night

One of the traditions I'm so looking forward to starting with our daughter is a family movie night at home. There is just something about the image of a family all curled up on the couch sharing a movie that seems per…