Totsy - Save Up to 80% Off Retail Price for Top Children's Brands

Every family knows the term "budget." For some the word is a fearful and dreaded thing, a rule only in place so that we can break it. For others, a budget is something that they just cannot live without, and everything has to fall precisely into the margins of the particular allowance.

I'm trying to budget everything better in my life. Not just financially, but also time wise and food wise. I spend a lot of time snacking, and it's no good. My time as the miracle automatic calorie burner (a breast feeding mom) is limited and will be coming to an end in the next couple of months. If I don't stop snacking, I'm going to seriously have to hit the gym later.

On that note, I never thought I would say this, but I have given up watching Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. That falls under the budgeting my time category. Sometime around the middle of last season, my husband asked me why I watch Grey's. Does it make me happy? How can it? The relationships are completely twisted and someone almost always dies. Alright, he had me there. It didn't make me happy... but an addiction is an addiction, and I couldn't see myself cutting out the Grey's. Well, after the season opener (which I only watched half of before deciding our amiable break-up) I decided that my husband was right. After this season, I will have gained about a day of my life back. Not to mention I won't be going to bed every Thursday night emotionally scorned by fictional characters. Oi. (Not to say, if anything exciting happens please let me know, heh heh.)

So any mom on a budget knows that smart shopping means never paying full price, ever. That's why I love Totsy.
Their tagline is "where the savvy mom shops." Totsy is a private sales site that offers members up to 80% off retail price on the highest quality children's items. And because their sales are only 72 hours long, there is always something fresh and new to see. If that isn't good enough though, the main reason I love Totsy is because they are 100% eco-friendly. According to their website:

Totsy is the first company in private sales to take a sustainable and socially responsible initiatives in all areas of business. With every purchase you make through Totsy, we will plant one tree in the name of your child to help reduce the effects of deforestation. Who says shopping can't save the world?
Totsy is a By Invitation Only site. As Holly at Nap Time Readers, I want to make sure to invite you to check it out and save on top brand children's products! With the holidays just around the corner, this is an excellent way to keep your gift giving costs down while still giving amazing, creative products. Make sure to click here to join!


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