10 Proofs You Love Your Child More Than Yourself

Wednesday already! This week seems to be moving by at a tolerable pace. How do you like the new header? Not to brag, but, I did make it myself. I'm pretty proud.

There is something about being a parent, and a mom especially, that makes you feel guilty for spending any time or money on yourself. I noticed it myself growing up, that season after season my brother and I would get the new "cool" clothes, and my mom would be left wearing the same thing that'd she'd been wearing for the last 5 years, sometimes 10. Now, as a mom myself I think I finally get it.

It's a parent's natural instinct to put their children first. So when those decisions come around, doing anything nice for ourselves isn't first nature anymore. Do we get that pedicure? No, the baby needs new diapers this week. It's constantly excuses, usually financially related. I think that is how we somehow justify the decision in our minds. But trust me mom, you deserve to be taken care of too.

Here are 10 proofs that you love your child more than yourself. If even one of these sounds like you, then take a moment to celebrate. Have that glass of wine, order that dress you won't wear more than once, or get a babysitter for a night out with the hubby! You're a good mom, and 99.9% of the time you put your child first.

10. You stretch your wallet to purchase and make your child organic food. Behind their back, you eat Twinkies and McDonald's.

9. Your back to school clothes/supplies shopping list and your car payment are within a few dollars of each other.

8. You restrict your child's television watching to educational, age appropriate programming. After the kids are in bed, you rot your brain with reality TV shows such as The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, and The Real Housewives.

7. The very presence of your child makes you behave in a more orderly manner. You watch what you say, how you act, and what activities you take part in. You find yourself paying more attention while you drive when your child is in the car. The voices inside your head are suddenly telling you constantly that you must be a good role model.

6. You slather your child with a SPF 100 sunscreen, and come home from the beach looking like a lobster because you forgot to put a single drop on yourself.

5. Your current definition for a "social outing without the kids" is a dentist appointment for getting your cavities filled. For every one "adult" event on your calendar, you have 10 for your child.

4. You let Santa take all the credit for the biggest, most expensive, most loved Christmas presents. You get to hear for the rest of the year how wonderful Santa is, and though you're jealous on the inside, it also makes you smile.

3. You have never in your life woken up at the crack of dawn to take yourself to the gym, but you find yourself up at 5am and in line in front of a Target somewhere so that your child can be the first to own the hottest new toy that they will just die without.

2. You keep track of your child's bowel movements. How much, how often, what consistency... now that is love! Tell me, when was the last time you paid attention to your own body like that?

1. You already know that you love your child more than yourself. That you would do anything for them. That the day they were born, all your dreams for yourself vanished and all you ever wished was right there in front of you. You'd do anything to make sure that they don't feel any pain or feel sad. After all, you're a mom!
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  1. I love your new header, it's beautiful! And (I know I keep saying this, but...) I'm keeping links to all of your valuable advice for that one day far from now when I will be a mommy. It's priceless, wonderful advice! :)


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