Mommy Groups

One of the best things I have ever done for myself was to join a mom's group before I actually became a mom. A little unconventional, I know, but I was pregnant at the time so I felt like I had some sort of "in." I felt like I didn't have a lot of other options. It's like when you get married, and suddenly all of your single friends are always too busy to hang out afterwards. You know they find it taboo to be around you, like you might give them some sort of wedding bug. It was the same thing when I became pregnant. A lot of my friends without babies were a little standoffish, like they didn't want to be caught drinking whatever water I was drinking. And since I was the first of the pack to get pregnant I guess it had to be my rite of passage to start making new friends that already had babies.

I was going to wait until after my daughter was born to join a mom's group, but the move to Virginia was extremely lonely. Besides my husband, I didn't know a single soul. And joining the mom's group was a big turn around for me. Suddenly I had a group of women that was supportive and understanding of everything I was going through pregnancy related, and they weren't hundreds of miles away either. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my friends no matter how far away they live, but sometimes you just need to have some face time with other people!

I had a boss that always said you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose when your friends have babies. If you're a mom and haven't joined some kind of support network yet, you're truly missing out. Moms need other moms to survive!


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